Stefanie Jung is deeply passionate about helping women unlearn toxic diet cultures and instead, embrace and accept themselves unconditionally. 

The health and wellness coach is also a 200h certified yoga teacher, lover of all things fitness, and passionate about sustainability. As a busy business owner, freelancer, and full time student, Stef’s schedule is full on. But knowing how important it is to unwind, she makes sure she carves out the time. 

Stef has shared with us her top 5 tips for unwinding in this fast-paced world.

Unwind Tip 1: Meditation

Stef’s top tip to unwind is to meditate, and there’s no surprises why: ‘it’s the fastest and most convenient way to unwind… you can do it anywhere, anytime, with no equipment needed’. With a 10 minute routine each morning, Stef sure knows how to start her day on the right foot. For those of you that are new to meditation, there are some great apps to guide you through various routines, check out: Headspace, One Giant Mind, or Calm.

Unwind Tip 2: Connect With Nature

Did you know that being in nature has been scientifically proven to help us relax, lift our spirits and have a positive impact on our overall health? Known as Ecotherapy, this field of study has identified that being outdoors reduces cortisol levels, a physiological marker of stress, and hence can help us combat anxiety and even depression. Wow!

Stef notices the effect of being in nature straight away, ‘it removes the mental clutter, helps me think clearer and allows me to reconnect with my gratitude practice. My partner literally forces me to get outside when I’m in a rut because he knows it’s a bulletproof solution!’

So whether it's a short walk down to the park, or a trip away surrounded by nature, this tip is sure to work wonders on unwinding. Say bye-bye to high cortisol levels!

Unwind Tip 3: Journaling

Journaling can help you take control of your emotions and mental health. It’s a really healthy way to express yourself when dealing with an overwhelming emotion or stress. It allows you to identify what’s causing that stress or anxiety, so you can then work on a plan to resolve the problems. As Stef describes, ‘sometimes we’re so stuck in a negative thought pattern loop it can be really hard to get out of it. Journaling helps me break through that vicious cycle and let go of whatever is stressing me’. So next time you feel stressed or overwhelmed, pick up that pen and paper and get scribbling!

Unwind Tip 4: Do Something For Pleasure, Not To Be Better

In this modern world we are constantly striving to do things faster, better, stronger, smarter. But as Stef questions, ‘what about doing something purely for the pleasure and beauty of it, without an ulterior motif?’ which in her case, is a good old fashioned novel. Not a self development book, or nutrition guide, a good old fashioned novel that takes you into a different world and lets you forget your own for a little while. Could this be your secret weapon to unwinding? A quick trip to Hogwarts?

Unwind Tip 5: Essential Oils

As the appetite for wellness and holistic healthy-living practices has increased in the modern world, so has the demand for essential oils. Stef shares, ‘Essential oils are like my little secret weapon - I’ve got one for every mood, emotion and physical ache’. With so many essential oils to choose from it’s hard to know where to start. Stef opts for Lavender before bed, Ylang Ylang to reduce stress, and Jasmine to help ease feelings of stress and anxiousness. Essential oils are great when travelling too as they’re really small and easy to carry around. What essential oil will you try first?

With all these unwinding tips up your sleeve it’s time to put them into practice. And what better place to trial them than a Tiny House Holiday! Book your stay and feel the zen flowing through your veins.

For more info on Stefanie Jung, head to WholesomeStef. Stef's Holistic Health Coaching business is focused on helping women heal their relationship with food and their body