We all love holidays, but it is nice to be reminded that holidays are good for us too! So enough with the excuses or delays - it’s time to book a getaway that is good for your heart, soul, mind, skin, fitness, creativity…. You get the picture.

Signs it’s time to take a break….

1. You’re feeling tired ALL the time.

Stress is a major energy-zapper. It’s difficult to have a good forty winks when you’re stressed - your heart rate is up, cortisol levels are up and your mind is racing. It’s hardly conducive to a good night’s sleep. Taking a holiday, and removing yourself from the source of the stress will help you make a start on that sleep debt, and start feeling like yourself again. A break can also give you the time and space to reassess what’s important and what’s causing you stress.

Book a trip that allows you to unwind and step away from the hustle & bustle.

2. Things are feeling a little mundane.

You catch up with a friend for drinks and they ask how things are going.

“Same old, same old” you reply feeling a little flat.

We’ve all been there.

Break routine and surprise yourself - do something different. Travel somewhere new. Experience something new. Keep life interesting. There is so much out there; the only reason we could possibly be bored is if we aren't encouraging ourselves to get out there and discover something new. So go and do something IRL RN that makes you ROFL or feel on fleek because YOLO. (And yes, we googled “millennial acronyms' extensively to feel young again).

3. Your creative juices have left the building.

Seeing the same four walls day in and day out is enough to make anyone feel more than a little stifled, so it’s GREAT to know that holidays are just what the doctor ordered, or in this case, the researchers. Finnish Institute of Occupational Health researchers’ found that the more time people spend at work, the lower their overall cognitive function. Pereira from Pereira & O’Dell agrees, explaining, “Someone’s creative box is usually their life.” To expand your creative mind and improve your cognitive function, you need to live diversely. Travel to new places and explore different ways of thinking.

Broaden your creative horizons with a tiny house experience - off grid, surrounded by nature and disconnected from everyday life.

4. Your relationships need some TLC

Sometimes it's easy to recognise when your relationships are under pressure; but sometimes the signs are more subtle. Planning & taking a holiday together is a great way to refocus on the relationship, as it strips away daily hassles and barriers. It allows you to rediscover the relationship’s foundations, and simply spend quality time together. For families, the same rings true. Two-thirds of conversations between a parent and child are about daily routine (Elizabeth Buie, TES). A family holiday is an opportunity to start new conversations with your children and bond with them in new ways.

This concept of “disconnecting to reconnect’ is a fundamental element for In2thewild and a powerful part of our purpose. Spending quality time with your loved ones in a space where you simply enjoy the company with little else to worry about - bliss.

5. The wrinkle creep is real.

Yes, it’s true. Hard work gives you wrinkles… well, more accurately, stress does. Stress causes an inflammatory response in the body which is a trigger for cellular ageing. Here is a VERY science heavy article (we did warn you) that explains how stress can cause your DNA to shorten and thus speed up the ageing process. And don’t forget the impact of all that extra cortisol surging through you. Crow’s feet, frown lines and under eye wrinkles have all been linked to stress and exhaustion.

Look after your body’s biggest organ and book a break.

6. There’s nothing on the horizon.

There’s a lot to be said for hope, dreams and aspirations. It keeps us positive and moving forward - the engine to our momentum. Planning a holiday is no exception - participants in a study published in the Journal of Applied Research in Quality of Life experienced an increase in happiness simply by planning a holiday.

They showed that when we have something to look forward to, it makes it easier to get through the rough or frustrating times.

So, what are you currently looking forward to?

7. The daily grind is stuck on repeat.

Alarm. Check phone. Shower. Dress. Breakfast. Bus. Coffee. Meetings. Computer. Meetings. Lunch. Computer. Meetings. Bus. Dinner. Netflix. Bed.


Was I close?

Switch the grind for:

Sunrise. Birds singing. Coffee. Fresh air. Breakfast. Hike. Picnic. Nap. Cheese platter. Sunset. Campfire. Marshmallows. Stars.

Disconnect from the grind and find your rhythm.

8. It’s all a bit ‘same old, same old’

When was the last time you did something you’ve never done before? Or even just cooked something you’ve never cooked before?

If it’s been a while, challenge yourself. Travelling is such a great way to experience new things and get out of your comfort zone. It’s one of our favourite things about travel. Have you lived off grid before, or had to cook a meal over an open fire? Or even built a fire for that matter? An off-grid tiny house experience can be liberating and the research shows holidays are good for us.

Don’t question the science.

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