What is In2thewild?

In2thewild offers you the opportunity to escape. Work and technology are 24/7. We need a technology detox and a chance to reconnect. Plus a chance to support farmers and regional workers.  We provide off-grid eco Tiny Houses with all of the necessities (e.g. hot showers and toilets) and place them in the best locations we can find. We scout out beautiful and secluded locations 1-3 hours drive from major Australian cities (accessible by 2WD). In2thewild tiny houses sleep 2-4 and can be rented out for a short but recharging stay.

What's included?

Tiny's sleep 2 to 4 with a Queen and a double pullout (or 2 singles). We provide Bedding, Linen + Towels, USB charger, Cold Fridge, Hot Shower, Toilet, Fan + Heater, Stove + BBQ, Fire Pit + Outdoor Stove, Cutlery + Plates, Outdoor seating, Books + Games and Provisions (soap, shampoo, conditioner, drinkable water, salt, pepper, coffee, sugar, matches and oil). Bring only food & drinks - we will arrange everything else. Some houses have phone reception some are completely off-grid (no signal). Our Tinys are powered by the sun and gas bottles. Don't expect to charge your laptop or plug in any appliances, but there is a small USB charger that may work if the sun is shining! Checkin is at 3pm and checkout at 11am.  

Where is my house?

Our Tiny's are placed in temporary pop-up locations which remain secret until just before your stay. You pick your house (and general area) upon booking. Your secret address will be emailed to you with a detailed direction and information pack two days before your stay. Each location offers it's own unique experience (e.g. horse riding, working farm, wineries nearby, waterfalls, escarpment views etc)

What do I need to bring?

The In2thewild experience is all about getting out of the city and relaxing. We suggest bringing a book or two to read while you lounge around and enjoy the serenity. We provide the essentials such as water, toilets, linen, dry towels – you should bring meals and other drinks as you require (noting that there may not be shops nearby).

What about if the summer / winter weather when it is hot / cold?

Winter - Each house is equipped with rugs, blankets and hot water bottles. Each house (except for Christopher) has a small off-grid gas heater.

Summer - Each house is well designed to allow cool air to flow throughout the tiny. We recommend opening the doors / windows downstairs and the windows upstairs to allow the cool air to enter downstairs and air out of the second floor. Each house also has an off grid fan (make sure you charge this up during the day when the sun is shining). Most locations are near swimming holes or the beach, so we suggest spending some time in the water during very hot days!

If you are particularly sensitive to the weather we recommend picking your booking dates with this in mind as we do not offer refunds / cancellations for hot or cold weather. Please refer to our T&C's for more information.

Is there phone reception?

Maybe. We tend to find that the best spots to enjoy the wilderness are those without mobile reception! So whilst it’s great to be out of your boss’ reach for a few days, please make sure to bring enough drinking water and petrol to ensure your own safety.

Where are the Tiny Houses?

We will email you with the exact location, complete with a guide to your stay following your booking. All of our Tiny Houses are around 2 hours drive from major cities.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes! But only to our designated pet-friendly houses. Unfortunately our land-partners do not allow pets at any other property. 

Can I start a fire?

Yes you can! But only in the fire pits provided at each site and in accordance with local fire regulations. It is your responsibility to be aware of any current fire bans (we recommend you check out the RFS website before you go). 

We provide firewood for purchase – please don’t collect wood from the site or cut down any trees on the site. We suggest that one bag of firewood per night is sufficient.

What is the change / cancellation policy?

Refer to our T&C's.

What times are Check-in and Check-out?

Check-in after 3pm and Check-out by 11am. If you need early Check-in or late Check-out please send us an email and we will try our best to arrange with the cleaners.  

Do you build tiny homes?

If you have a gorgeous block of land and are interested in partnering with us to provide a luxury eco off-grid tiny house for short-stay accommodation please fill out a host application form.

I have more burning questions, what do I do!?

Feel free to send through any other questions you have through our contact page.