It was through Ben Payton’s love for travel that he discovered another powerful passion and career - landscape photography. 

With so many incredible landscapes and special moments to capture, Ben just couldn’t resist picking up the camera. Ben is one of the founders of Aussie Creators, a passionate team of aerial and landscape photographers. We chatted to Ben about his favourite landscapes, his top photography tips, and what he loves most about escaping the everyday and heading to an In2thewild tiny house.

Tip 1: Practise, practise, practise!

Ben’s top tip to those budding photographers out there is to never stop practising! With new methods of photography coming out all the time, not to mention the developments in post-production, Ben is constantly studying and evolving his photography, and suggests you do the same - happy snapping!

Tip 2: Friends in photography

There is a lot to learn from others in life, and in photography. With the surge of meetup groups in all sorts of fields, photography is no exception. Ben suggests meeting other photographers to up skill and broaden your knowledge, you may even make a few best friends like he did!

Tip 3: The Drone Zone

Drone photography is an incredible way to get unique landscape angles, not to mention a whole lotta fun! To get the most out droning, learn how to use the camera settings BEFORE you go flying, this helps to maximise battery life.

It’s also best to plan where you’ll be flying before you take off, and to keep an eye on your battery levels, this can help you avoid potential drone drowning disasters! And of course, follow your country's drone laws.

Check out YouTube tutorials that provide great drone camera overviews and tips.

Tip 4: It’s all in the edit

There’s a lot of free, user-friendly photography editing apps out there, which are a great starting point, but for Ben, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop is where it’s at. This comes down to the depth of editing available in both programs. Have a play around and see what works best for you!

Tip 5: DO go chasing waterfalls

Contrary to these famous lyrics, Ben does in fact love chasing waterfalls, naming them his favourite landscape to photograph! Why you ask? ‘There’s so many angles and different ways to take a photo of a waterfall,’ Ben states, ‘from long exposure smooth shots to quick burst shots, you change your camera settings and it’s suddenly a completely different photo!’. Find what you love to shoot, and perfect it. There are so many angles and styles to a landscape, explore it through your camera.

Ben and In2TheWild

Ben is a tiny house fan, and has stayed at quite few In2TheWild tiny houses around NSW, with his favourite so far being Elizabeth. With its proximity to the Hunter Valley wineries, and being pet friendly, Ben’s whole family could enjoy a weekend away together, ‘it’s all about escaping the everyday and living simple, I find it so relaxing’.

Book a tiny house holiday and start practising those landscape photography skills.

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