Furry friends love holidays too! 

With our range of pet friendly tiny house accommodation, there’s no need to leave your pets behind, or pay for a pet-sitter. You can enjoy a break with the whole family, paws and all. We take you through the benefits of holidaying with your pets, where our pet-friendly tiny houses are, a few T&Cs to note, and most importantly - lots of pics of dogs at the tiny houses loving life.

Image credit: Instagram via @stephinedivine

The benefits of holidaying with your pet

Sometimes life can get so busy that you find yourself missing out on that valuable bonding time with your pet. Then when it comes to escaping for a holiday, there’s not too much out there that accommodates for your cat or dog coming along. Bit of a stitch up for our furry loved ones!

With our range of pet friendly tiny houses, you can give them the holiday they deserve! Here’s just a few benefits you and your pet can enjoy:

  • Extra bonding time to help reduce loneliness and anxiety. The more snuggles and walks the better!
  • Increased stimulation through a new experience. Think of all the new smells and sticks to discover!
  • No need to pay for pet-sitting or putting your pet in a kennel
  • Less anxiety for you knowing they are safe and happy by your side

Image credit: Instagram via @audreys_adventures

Pet friendly tiny houses

We currently have three pet friendly tiny houses available, Christopher and Elizabeth in NSW, and Phoebe in Victoria, and there is no extra fee for bringing along a furry friend. 

  • Christopher: just two hours north west from Sydney, NSW. Share a hammock with your furry friend and spot the abundant wildlife at this stunning farm property.
  • Elizabeth: a short 90 minute drive north from Sydney, NSW. Say cheers to your pup for a fantastic furry holiday whilst enjoying a glass of delicious local hunter valley wine.
  • Phoebe: a two hour drive north east from Melbourne CBD. Take your pooch on a hike they will remember - run wild in the rolling hills, spot the colourful trees and say g’day to the cows.

Image credit: Instagram via @pumba_the_defender

Pet friendly T&Cs to keep in mind

To keep you, your pet and the wildlife safe, it’s important to be aware of the pet terms and conditions that apply at our pet friendly tiny house accommodation. 

Here’s some key points:

  • Pets include dogs and cats. If you have a different pet you'd like to bring along, send us a written request.
  • You can bring up to two pets.
  • Pets of all sizes are welcome.
  • For health and safety, small pets can sleep in the pet bed provided on the downstairs floor, and large pets can sleep in the outdoor kennel provided.
  • Pets must be supervised at all times and not left in the tiny house on their own. 
  • Pets must be leashed when on the property.

Image credit: Instagram via @therubycanvas

Book your furry friendly adventure

With all the pawriffic benefits that come with a furry friendly holiday, it’s bound to be a family favourite. Book your pet friendly accommodation now!