The wonders of our untamed environment are there to be enjoyed and protected. After experiencing an off-the-grid holiday you’ll be thirsty for more.

Each Tiny House forms an intimate network of eco-friendly, sustainable escapes that allow visitors to feel like they’re naturally a part of the Australian landscape.

And because we do have a network, there’ll be a Tiny House within driving distance of you. Travelling local is one way to help our environment – for example, simply cutting out one five-hour flight can reduce your carbon footprint by a tonne.

A local escape. A local drive. They kinda go together like aged cheese and fine wine.

Reduce your environmental footprint by several shoe sizes.

While In2thewild Tiny Holidays are doing their bit to protect and help us appreciate the best of the natural world, you can also help once you get back home. Just a few of your everyday actions done differently can help you live a more sustainable life.

  • Support your local grocer.

There’s no better time to start this activity than on the way to your Tiny House stay. Just pack an empty esky and shop on the way from local bakers, farmers markets and grocers.

  • Single-use plastic is of no use to the planet.

With many items now widely available in reusable forms (shopping bags, coffee cups, water bottles, etc) perhaps think twice before using single-use plastics.

  • Less of everything.

Help reduce that footprint size even further by embracing vegetarian-only meal days, using less water by installing a rainwater tank, reducing packaging waste and recycling everything. If you’re ever feeling unsure of what to do, Alex Elliot’s ‘Use-it-all’ cookbook is a great place to start.

  • Put more energy into energy.

Using less energy means fewer carbon emissions. As well as switching off the standby button on your appliances, using a lower heating setting and drying clothes in nature’s drier, consider switching to renewable sources such as solar and battery.

  • Choose right.

Look for brands at the supermarket that go out of their way to help the environment before helping themselves. Many products today are sustainably might just need a bit of detective work on your part.

What does sustainable taste like?

Something that we think makes a Tiny House Holiday complete is a fine wine by the campfire. Taking a bottle of Stoneleigh Wine on your trip means you’re not only going to savour a top drop after a long day of doing…well, not much, but you’ll be doing your bit at the same time. How? Well, Stoneleigh is also on a sustainability journey and have a long-standing relationship and commitment to the environment.

Its winegrowers, using environmentally responsible and economically viable methods, ensure their grapes are 100% sustainable accredited by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand[1]. The winery also produces and runs on, 100% renewable electric energy and every Stoneleigh wine is bottled in lightweight glass, resulting in a 30% reduction in carbon emissions.

You need a unique wine for a unique experience.

To drive to a Tiny House, be it in NSW, QLD, VIC or SA, is to drive back in time. Back to an age where nature could be appreciated by every single one of your senses; wake up to unforgettable sunrises, listen to the wind rustling the leaves, smell the fresh scent of the morning dew, feel the warmth of an evening campfire and taste a sublime wine.

That’s living.

Purchase a Stoneleigh wine for your next In2thewild stay today! Please enjoy Stoneleigh responsibly.

[1] SWNZ is a world-leading sustainability programme, where certification must be awarded through an independently audited programme that focuses on sustainability practices in both the vineyard and winery.

[2] Stoneleigh has chosen to use non-animal products and through a rigorous independent inspection, has been determined to be free of animal-derived ingredients, cross-contamination during production and GMO-free.