Get ready for your ‘coolest’ summer escape! Venture off-grid to a tiny house immersed in nature and spend your days cooling off in the nearby natural swimming holes, waterfalls, lakes and beaches. Spend summer in nature - relax under the stars, away from technology and city lights, and cool off in nature’s swimming pools.


1.  STAY: Tiny house Edmond (two hours south of Sydney)

SWIM: Nellie’s Glen - 15mins from tiny house Edmond.

The picturesque pools of Nellie’s Glen are just 15 minutes from tiny house Edmond.

Start the day slowly with a breakfast cooked outside over the campfire or on the BBQ, overlooking the stunning valley below. Next, head to Nellie’s Glen for a morning spent wandering the nearby hiking trails, an afternoon swim in the bushland swimming hole - complete with waterfall - and a picnic lunch. It’s a blissful way to unwind on a warm summer’s day. Once back at tiny house Edmond, it’s probably time for an afternoon siesta before popping the champagne and settling into sunset with a cheese plate.

2. STAY: Tiny house Lucy (two and a half hours west of Sydney)

SWIM: Flat Rock, Fish River - 25mins from tiny house Lucy.

The untouched and off the track Flat Rock swimming spot at Fish River is an easy 25 minutes from tiny house Lucy.

When you wake at tiny house Lucy in the middle of a pine forest far from civilisation, the last thing you want to do is be thrown back into the rat race. Head to secluded and untouched Flat Rock for a day of lounging by the rushing river. There are big boulders to laze about in the sun and lots of different sections of the river for a dip whether you want to simply cool off in the shallows or stretch out with a few strokes in the deeper areas.

When you arrive back at tiny house Lucy refreshed and feeling like yoda of the forests, settle into an evening of epic stargazing with your special someone.

Lake Lyell, a popular swimming spot for locals, is also around 20mins drive.

3. STAY: Tiny house Daisy (two and a half hours west of Sydney)

SWIM: Jenolan River water holes (and see the Blue Lake) - 40 mins from tiny house Daisy.

The stunning yet mysterious Blue Lake and its surrounding swimming holes are a 40min drive from tiny house Daisy.

A stay at tiny house Daisy is scenic and serene from the moment you arrive. Wake in a cosy Queen bed by a large window overlooking the surrounding countryside and you’ll already feel at one with nature. Keep the theme going by taking a scenic drive to the infamous Blue Lake on the Jenolan River. Although you can’t swim in this lake as it's home to a platypus or two, you can swim in the waterhole downstream below the waterfall, so make a morning of it and do the Jenolan River Walking Track to hit both stunning locations.

Back at tiny house Daisy, it’s time for an afternoon kip in the hammock or a competitive round of Uno!

4. STAY: Tiny house India (one and a half hours south of Sydney)

SWIM: Seven Mile Beach - 5 mins from tiny house India.

Seven Mile Beach is a hop, skip and jump from tiny house India.

Perhaps you’re not quite ready for the complete off-grid experience… A stay at tiny house India is the best of both worlds. Set in a secluded spot at the back of an award-winning winery, India will make you feel a million miles away, yet a small beach town is just a five minute drive away. Wake slowly with the silence of a technology-free stay, only interrupted by the sounds of the birds above. When the day warms, take a short drive to the local beach where you’ll have seven miles of uninterrupted bliss to unwind.

Back at tiny house India, finish the day with a few marshmallows roasted over the campfire.

5. STAY: Tiny house Robinson (one and a half hours north of Sydney)

SWIM: Budgewoi Beach - 15 mins from tiny house Robertson.

The rugged, yet beautiful Budgewoi Beach is just 15 mins from tiny house Robinson.

Tiny house Robinson is how you dream a tiny house in the woods should look. Surrounded by towering trees, an escape here makes you feel dwarfed and engulfed by nature. It’s completely rejuvenating. Keep this feeling alive by cooling off at the nearby Budgewoi Beach. Of the central coast beaches, this one has a rugged, undeveloped feel but it is still great for swimming, surfing or just a long relaxed walk on the beach.


6. STAY: Tiny house Max (two hours north east of Melbourne)

SWIM: Gooram Falls - 15 mins from tiny house Max.

The gorgeous swimming spot at Gooram Falls is just 10 mins from tiny house Max.

Tiny house Max is picturesque in every way. Surrounded by rolling green hills and overlooking the surrounding property, there is natural beauty everywhere you look. You might just want to stay put... but just a short drive away, you’ll find yourself surrounded by even more stunning sights. Gooram Falls is a beautiful spot for an afternoon dip where rock pools and waterfalls abound. Have a play splashing about in the water and enjoy being in the great outdoors - we don’t always have to act our age!

Back at tiny house Max, grab a book and head for the hammock. It’s the dreamiest spot to completely relax.

7. STAY: Tiny house Elliott (two and a half hours north west of Melbourne)

SWIM: Venus Baths - 10 mins from tiny house Elliott

The Venus Baths rock pools are just 10mins from tiny house Elliott.

Tiny house Elliott is set on the edge of the Grampians National Park so guests are completely spoilt for choice when it comes to outdoor adventures. Whether you’re an avid hiker or a meandering wanderer, there are hiking trails for everyone. The one thing they have in common is the perfect spot to cool off after a morning of activity. The Venus Baths are naturally formed rock pools along the Stony Creek, and are perfect for a quick dip and picnic lunch in the shade.

When you arrive back at tiny house Elliott, keep the outdoor vibe going with a meal cooked over the campfire as the sunsets (or there’s a barbecue too).

Lake Bellfield, a popular swimming spot for locals, is also around 15 min drive.

8. STAY: Tiny house Sancho (one and a half hours north west of Melbourne)

SWIM: The Cascades - 35 mins from tiny house Sancho

The Cascades swimming spot is a 35 min drive from tiny house Sancho.

Tiny house Sancho is the perfect wilderness escape. Set in a clearing, bordered by towering trees, expect to spot the friendly goats wandering about as well as kangaroos.

There’s also plenty of space to explore around the property, but if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, take a drive to the relatively unknown Cascades in nearby Metcalfe. A series of cascades sweep over layers of rock as the water whirls down through rockpools and crevices. Relax in a rockpool or take a dip in one of the larger swimming holes.

Close out the day with a wine and cheese plate at tiny house Sancho. As the sun sets, curl up with your special someone and watch the colours of the day turn to night.

For something a little closer, Jubilee Lake is only 20mins drive.


9. STAY: Tiny house Charlie (two hours north west of Brisbane)

SWIM: Crows Nest Falls - 20 mins from tiny house Charlie

Crows Nest Falls and the surrounding swimming holes are just 20mins from tiny house Charlie.

Tiny house Charlie is hidden on a 160 acre property with stunning views over the valley to the Blackall Ranges in the distance. Guests are free to roam the surrounding land, and if they’re lucky, they may even spot the resident koala! From Charlie, take an easy 20min drive and guests will be well rewarded with three or four different swimming holes to discover along a walk to the Crows Nest Falls Lookout.It’s a spectacular way to spend a morning.

End the day with a nice hot shower and then curl up with a good book and cup of tea in the warmth of your Queen bed.

10. STAY: Tiny house Norah (two and a half hours north west of Brisbane)

SWIM: Coomba Falls - 35 mins from tiny house Norah

The Coomba Falls waterhole is a 35min drive from tiny house Norah.

Tiny house Norah is an escape from big city life. It’s a quiet, rejuvenating spot and is a great place to reconnect with your loved ones. Start the day with a sunrise hike to a beautiful lookout on the property, and then after brekky take a scenic drive to Coomba Falls to cool off. The Falls are a truly beautiful place with a deep natural swimming hole, striking granite cliffs and a great grassy area by the water, perfect for picnics. The water is icy most of the year, so it's the ideal spot to cool down on a hot day.

Back at tiny house Norah, it’s time to get adventurous cooking over the campfire. Will you opt for the great Aussie barbecue, or try your hand at a paella cooked over the coals?