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So why did we build a tiny house rental in NSW? Well, here at In2thewild we love tiny houses. We love tiny house TV shows. We love tiny house designs. We love watching people throw out all their junk. We love toilets next to kitchens. Call us crazy, but we love it all. And we have loved it for years. However, after years of waiting we haven't loved the fact that there are hardly any Tiny Houses built or even for rent in NSW or even Australia. This needed to change!


We have been designing a number of unique tiny houses for short stay rentals in NSW, and now Victoria too. They are placed off the grid and therefore they have solar power for electrics (lights and fridge) and gas for hot water and stove. Don't get me started on water... being off-grid that has been the biggest battle for us, although after months of hard-work we have managed to get 5,000 litres connected to the house!

Our first Tiny (Christopher) has a loft, a toilet, a shower and a small kitchen. He has massive windows so you can enjoy the secluded gorgeous surroundings. The kitchen has a fridge, sink and a stove. The Tiny house has a couch, a queen bed and a pull-out double bed. We also have an indoor and outdoor table. There is a glorious fire-pit and a BBQ so you can feast like we used to (before uber eats).


Our first Tiny (Christopher) has been launched in the Hunter Region within two hours of the Sydney CBD. The location is completely secluded. We have partnered with a wonderful land-owner who operates a cattle farm and also a surprise activity (you will find out when you book!). There is plenty of bush-walking for those with energy and relaxing (check out your hammock!) for everyone else! There is no phone reception so you have no choice but to tell your boss to leave you alone!

We now have ten houses across NSW all within 1-3 hours driving distance from Sydney. We always wanted a Sydney tiny house, and now you can rent a tiny house in Sydney!

Why We Need a Tiny House Rental in NSW

We see three reasons to book with us. First, if you want to buy a tiny house but have never stayed in one. Second, if you love tiny houses and just want to give it a go. Lastly, if you don't care about tiny houses, but just want to unplug for the weekend in a private location. 

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