Woohoo! You're heading in2thewild and the last thing left to do is pack for your wild escape. No matter if you're heading to one of our tiny houses in NSW,  our tiny houses in Victoria, or in Queensland, we've made your escape as easy as possible. 

Each tiny house has almost everything you need; we provide:

  • Bedding and towels,
  • a USB charger, fan and heater,
  • Bar fridge, stove, cooking utensils, cutlery, plates, wine glasses, cooking essentials (salt, pepper, coffee, sugar, matches and oil),
  • Hot shower, toilet, amenities (soap, shampoo and conditioner),
  • BBQ, fire pit , outdoor stove, outdoor seating,
  • Books and games.

What to bring

Here’s five things to pack for your tiny house escape.

1. Food & drinks

We provide the basics - salt, pepper, coffee, sugar, matches and olive oil, but you'll need to bring along your food and drinks. We recommend bringing it all with you so you can simply relax once you arrive at the tiny house - no need to jump in the car and duck out to grab something, you're here for a wild experience and part of that is staying put!  If you can, stop in a small town on the way and pick up your supplies there so you can support a regional community on your way through. 

If you're heading to Daisy or Phoebe, we've put together a few great places to stop on route.

Road trip to Daisy

Road trip to Phoebe

You have a few cooking options at the tiny house - there's a stove and a BBQ, but we suggest cooking a meal over a campfire in the fire pit. Here’s a few delicious campfire recipes to get you started:

2. Your journal

A tiny escape gives you the opportunity to unwind, reflect and often gets you thinking out of the box. Nature is a proven way to kick start your creativity, so make sure you pack a journal so you can jot down brilliance when the moment strikes. Or why not try your hand at drawing a landscape? Here’s your chance! No one has to see it, your journal is for your eyes only.

3. Seasonal clothes

Image credit: @georgiealove and @leeroyelliott near Tiny house Max, Victoria.

Don't worry! Every tiny house has a fan, a heater and even a hot water bottle so once you're inside you'll be nice and cosy (or cool in Summer), BUT, a tiny house experience is all about what you do in the great outdoors. While gazing up to the stars at night, you may feel a bit of a chill, even in the summer! So we suggest packing a good jumper and a beanie too.  If you're feeling adventurous, remember to grab your walking shoes so you can explore the property or go for a hike. Some of our tiny houses are nearby watering holes, so in Summer, pack your swimmers too!

4.  That book

You know the one we mean. The book that has been sitting on your bedside table, maybe you've read the first chapter so many times but never make it any further. Well now is the time. Your tiny house escape is the perfect place to get comfortable and dive in without the distractions of everyday life. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get through!

5. Your camera

Now we do not endorse spending all your time on your devices, but there is something about the landscape surrounding our tiny houses that is just magical, and it is really something if you can capture just a little bit of it to take home. When you’re feeling stressed back at home, use these snaps to bring you a sense of calm. If you love stargazing try these tips for night sky photography using a smartphone.

Most of our tiny houses are have no reception, so this is your chance to completely unplug. The tiny houses are off-grid and are powered by the sun and gas bottles. You won't be able to charge your laptop or plug in any appliances - soak in the complete bliss of a secluded off-grid tiny house getaway.

If this has sparked any other questions, check out our FAQs, or get in touch. 

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